Cyan Canyon
Smache v1.0
.NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3 or higher is required.
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CAB files can be downloaded or copied directly to your pocket PC.
CAB file for ARM CAB file for MIPS CAB file for SH3 CAB file for ARMv4
Smache is a self-contained solution for paperless geocaching on a Windows Mobile Pocket PC.
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   By importing GPX files from pocket queries generated by, you can keep a very extensive database of caches up-to-date and ready for instant access any time.

Caching features...
  • Show all geocache data from Groundspeak GPX files including type, size, difficulty and terrain ratings, descriptions, hints, logs, travelbugs and more.
  • Import LOC files and non-Groundspeak GPX files as waypoints.
  • View caches grouped by location filters that you create.
  • Record your visits to and notes about caches and keep them linked to the cache.
  • Maintain multiple cache databases.
  • Filter cache lists by over a dozen different contexts.
  • Mark caches as bookmarked, ignored, or unavailable.
  • Sort caches by distance from a given point.
  • View cache details in Smache - no switching between programs.
  • Show the hint decrypted or hide it until you need it.
  • Link to the online cache page at
  • Export caches and waypoints to many formats including GPX, LOC, Shapefile, MS Streets & Trips Pushpins, Mapopolis Landmarks and others.
  • See stale caches (caches that haven't been in a GPX import for some time) so that you are aware that they may be unavailable.
  • More...
Mapping/Navigation features...
  • Navigate to the cache with the built-in map, compass and destination guide.
  • Connect to a GPS for close-range navigation.
  • Collect and save tracks and averaged waypoints.
  • Create new waypoints by inputting coordinates.
  • See a cache's additional waypoints in relation to the cache.
  • More...
Utlitiy features...
  • Find the distance from one lat/long point to another.
  • Convert a lat/long coordinate pair between common lat/long formats.
  • Encrypt and Decrypt hint text.
  • More...
More Information...

Smache Log Import Utility This little utility runs on your Windows PC and allows you to create a Smache Visit file that you can import into Smache. All it needs is a copy of your latest 'My Finds' pocket query from It only takes a second to run, then just transfer the file to your pocket pc and import it into Smache by choosing 'Import' from the main menu. You'll then be ready to go with all your find information up to date! This isn't a program you need to install, just unzip the download file and run it! Download it above.
.NET Compact Framework 1.0 with Service Pack 3 or greater is required to run Smache. Units sold with Windows Mobile 2003 or later have .NET Compact Framework pre-installed, but you may have to upgrade to service pack 3. Download the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 here.
Smache is NOT a 'lightweight' program. While memory preservation was a top priority when creating this application, it is meant to be as comprehensive as reasonable. For good performance, you should have 6-12 MB of free program memory on your handheld.
Smache databases can get big quickly. I DO NOT recommend creating your database in your main memory. Built-in storage is the preferred location, and if you have a separate storage card, that's even better.
Smache does not support VGA mode. You should use a non-VGA mode to run Smache.