Blasted Thieves
Blasted Thieves will make you enjoy tower defense again! The thieves have come to pillage. You have many resources to defend yourself at your disposal, there are 10 towers to stop 15 types of thieves from getting to your precious loot on 25 different battlefields. You'll need a solid strategy, making good use of the tower upgrades and specialized researches. Check the almanac for hints on which towers are most effective for fighting which thieves. Watch out for the wizards and ghost pirates who don't steal your loot, but create loads of havoc instead. Press on through the campaign to unlock all of the towers and upgrades, so that you can earn your trophies and top off the global high score list.
Battlefield: Estadio Centario Battlefield: Macalla Trail Battlefield: Aranyani Battlefield: Gaspar\'s Woods Battlefield: Magnanakaw River
The Thieves...

You'll be fighting some real characters here, like the ninjas that hide occasionally and become invisible to the towers, or the worms that travel safely underground and can only be hit when they come up every now and then. The armadillos walk slowly, but once you hit them they turn into a ball and roll quickly out of range. You'll need more than your fireworks stand to combat the flying pigs because once you shoot them out of the air they fall to the ground and continue their onslaught there. Then there are the wizards and ghost pirates that don't steal your loot, but came along just to sabotage your strategy and distract your towers.

All of the thieves have advantages and disadvantages against particular towers. The snowmen, for example, are resistant to most projectiles but succumb quickly to the laser or other heat weapons. Your success depends on knowing which towers will be needed to effectively fight which thieves, information contained in the provided almanac.

The Towers...

There are 10 towers to choose from including things like a flyswatter with short range but a very strong hit and splash damage to boot. The volcano which can burn up everything nearby but takes a while to erupt, so you'll have to slow the thieves down with your upgraded flatscreen TV. Along with the normal upgrades, the towers all have RTS-esque research capabilities to give you advantages you'll sorely need, such as salt research to take care of the ghost pirates or strategy research to give you control over which thief a tower should concentrate its firepower on. Each tower also has its own specialized research so you can get something really useful like having your catapult hurl 3 separate rocks with each throw.

The Battlefields...

There is refreshing variety among the 25 battlefields in the 6 realms of Blasted Thieves such as the pool table at The Winchester, across stretches of water in Magnanakaw River, around the rocky protections of Kamen Highlands, out on the soccer field at Estadio Centenario and amid the stone fortress of Umkringdur Castle. There are also some variations in gameplay such as in Rieti where you must manually send the waves and defeat them in a certain amount of time, Sendirian Valley where you are only allowed one tower at a time, or Suburbia where the loot moves with every wave of thieves.

The Gameplay...

There are three difficulty levels and three modes to choose from: Campaign mode, which leads you through all of the battlefields, unlocking more towers and research with each success; Casual mode, which lets you play the battlefields in any order and you get to decide what gets unlocked when you win; and Endless mode, where you can see how long you would really last.

Rather than simply fighting one oncoming horde after another, you will find thieves intelligent enough to avoid your towers and take the safest path to the loot (on medium and difficult levels), forcing you to pay more attention to your strategy.

Blasted Thieves departs from the standard layout and gameplay of other tower defense games you'll find on the Android Market. It eschews the drag and drop style that has invaded the genre and replaces it with a simple and intuitive tap and choose method that allows better accuracy and speed at the same time as clearing clutter from the precious little room on your screen.

For those who like the numbers...
   ~2000 waves (campaign mode, there is an endless mode too) in 25 battlefields in 6 realms, 3 difficulty modes, 15 thieves, 10 towers each with 6 levels of upgrade, 4 researches plus a specialized research for each tower, 3 achievement levels per battlefield, 6 preferences, 5 ways of categorizing the high scores, 29 almanac entries, 30+ sound files, 200+ image files, 400+ classes and 40,000+ lines of code. There were previously 2 donuts, but I've eaten them.